Public Speaking

  • Carlos R. Chacón is the eldest son of Spanish and German American parents, raised by his working mother. Carlos migrated from Mexico to the US in 1977. After attending The National School of Anthropology in Mexico City he transferred to UTEP to study Computer Science in El Paso, Texas.  Carlos quickly overcame poverty and adversity to become one of the country’s most respected Hispanic Entrepreneurs. He has fathered two successful sons: Alejandro, who is a sponsored photographer and world traveler as well as an honor graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso, and Robert, who achieved his associate degree at 17 years old and currently attends UT Austin.
  • For more than 35 years, Carlos has based his life on hard work and inspiring greatness in all around him by connecting people with their passion.
  • twice nominated for entrepreneur of the year (EOY) by Hispanic Business Magazine. Hispanic Magazine ranked one of his companies as the 11th fastest growing minority owned companies in America.
  • He ranked #266 out of the top 500 Nations Largest Hispanic Owned Corporations.
  • Carlos introduced products to the Mexican market, i.e., CADO Computers, Columbia Data Products, Open Systems, Seikosha, Dac-Easy, Summit Medical, Alpine Computers, Supreme Computers, Entertainment Marketing, Next Computers, Five Star Computers & Rent A Solution.
  • Awarded Promoter of the Decade by the Natural Body Building Association of America and Ms Fitness USA.
  • Appointee to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychology and the Texas Skill Standards Board by current governor Rick Perry.
  • Appointed to The Advisory Council to the Innovation Exchange Board by the Texas Secretary of State Rodger Williams as a major part of the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2006.


“I learned early on from my mother to become the best at everything I do. Inspiring people to give their best in all they do is the great joy in my life”, Carlos explains. “I believe that sustained success comes down to the relationships that we are able to build and maintain in our business and personal lives. We all need to realize that relationships, both good and bad, are influenced by our ability to effectively communicate.”