Federal Sales

Selling to the federal government can be very challenging in today’s ever changing landscape of rules and competitiveness. The Federal Government can be a strong and stable source of revenue. Understanding the mission of military installations and the best contract vehicles and strategies to enable you sell your products or services is key to success in this arena. Many companies try and fail. Each location has their own unique set of challenges and people with which to negotiate.

Our company offers an array of ways to best design your marketing and sales approach to these agencies and facilities.  Our experience has successfully installed companies in sales, and created relationships at Ft Bliss-El Paso, White Sands MR-New Mexico, Holloman AFB-New Mexico, Ft Sam Houston-Texas, Brooks City Base-Texas, Randolph AFB-Texas, Kirkland AFB-Albuquerque, Ft Hood-Texas and other similar entities in Oklahoma.

We specialize in GSA, GSA Advantage, Emall, Ebuy, Set Aside, Mentor-Protégé, Joint Venture; and in working with manufacturers and partners.

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State and Local

Today’s economic conditions create a very difficult commercial challenge for cities and counties. It requires you to adapt quickly and identify customer priorities for each department and their respective leadership in order to be successful. You need to demonstrate cost saving solutions through innovation that serves your customer needs.

Our company has established solid relationships with most cities and counties in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. We have negotiated state contracts in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona which gave our clients the needed advantage to sell competitively and successfully in the most challenging markets.

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Set Aside

Minority and set aside business is mandatory by government and will continue to be an important vehicle in obtaining business for minority companies; and large companies that partner or mentor the right small businesses in these territories in which we are well acquainted and established. Your company needs to develop, revise and update their strategies and goals in these areas.

With our help and the relationship of powerful minority partners in your strategic locations, business opportunities can be obtained for both small and large businesses!

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Business Startup

If you are a new business, a new immigrant or desire to be independent, we can help you with your licenses, accounting, funding and overall business strategy and selection of locations in which to best succeed. Our company grew to become a multimillion dollar business and one of the most recognized small businesses in the country by SBA, Hispanic Entrepreneur Magazine and others. We are the most qualified and proven company to see you through this confusing and complex process to the successful business you seek.

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